Important Currency Info For Travelers

Currency that the people control. No government involvement, no physical money. This is the wave of the future and will make a huge advantage for travelers. The ease on knowing that your money won’t get stolen?!! That is a great comfort. So we here at My Travel Money find it particularly important that you understand and learn exactly how to buy bitcoins so you yourself will have that comfort. So let’s talk about digital currency.

In the year 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous developer, introduced a peer-to-peer digital currency and payment network, which had public transaction log. These digital currencies and payment network is what is called bitcoin and is sometimes referred to as crypto-currency, mainly because it utilizes public-key cryptography. The introduction of bitcoin was marred by many hitches such the 2009 exploit that led to development of unlimited bitcoin.

Since their introduction, bitcoin has experienced rapid appreciation in value in relation to some of the world’s highly recognized digital currencies such as the American dollar, the British pound, and the euro. Precisely, in 2011 the value of bitcoin was equal to around $32 and $0.30. However, this value later fell to as low as $2.

Three years after introduction, which is in 2012, people learned how to buy bitcoins and it began to get attention from the media. Many articles and news items were then written about bitcoin. This rising popularity, would later in the year 2013 lead to the acceptance of this currency by some of the mainstream services like Foodler, Humble Bundle, Baidu and OkCupid. In the same year, bitcoin experienced the first legal intervention by law enforcement. The assets of Mt. Gox were seized. In addition, this lawful intervention also saw the shutdown of the Silk Road drugs marketplace, in the same year.

During the month of November 2013, there was a major take-over with Europe based Bitstamp and japan based Mt. Gox bitcoin being overtaken by BTC china to become the biggest bitcoin trading exchange through trade volume.

Towards the end of the year 2013, bitcoin received a major setback when the Chinese government banned its banks from using bitcoin in all their transactions within the borders of the country. However, the citizens had the free will of using the bitcoin in transactions in the country. This action led to a fall in the value of bitcoin in china as the new rules could not warrant the exchange of bitcoin for the country’s local currency.

Transactions with bitcoin are not like the normal currency transactions, as with bitcoin, there is actually no real exchange between the buyer and the seller that takes place. Instead, the buyer does what is known as blockchain, which is the requesting of an update to a given public transaction log. The blockchain shows what people currently own including what they owned in the past in terms of bitcoin and it is managed by a decentralized network system that ascertains and time-stamps payments by using a proof-of-work system. The people who manage this system are commonly known as ‘miner’ and they are paid with newly minted bitcoin and transaction fees.

Because of the close ties between bitcoin and fraud, bitcoin have had to be subjected to forensic scrutiny by many nations that accept their use within their borders. This process has led to divergent opinions regarding the usage of bitcoin by different states. For instance, The Federal Government of America is the only government that has taken positives in using bitcoin and allowed free usage of the currency by its citizens. However, other governments such as the Chinese government has barred its private banks from using bitcoin in all transactions and the European banking authority has cautioned that bitcoin is not worth transacting with as it lacks consumer protection.

Bitcoin can be used for payment of goods and services in the countries that accept it. The advantage of using it is that the transaction fees are relatively smaller than the high percentages around 2% and 3% that are imposed on processing a credit card. Some of the merchants accepting the use of bitcoin include; WordPress, OkCupid, Virgin Galastic and Reddit.

If you would like to learn more, which we suggest you do, visit It’s the way of the future so go learn how to buy those bitcoins for yourself!


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Invest In Supplements To Get Your Beach Body Back

your beach body

Not only do you want a great body for a beach holiday, you probably also want more energy for touring around the Coliseum in Rome, or more stamina for climbing the steep stairs at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Whatever your desire for weight loss stems from, we are going to look into one of the best weight loss supplements on the market right now – Forskolin. Check out some Forskolin reviews here and read on to learn why it’s the most popular product out there.

Asia is the ground of mysticism and magic, the mother land of miraculous herbs. This is certainly the case of Forskolin (Latin name: Plectranthus barbatus), a species of the mint which can be found on the sunny slopes of India, Nepal or Thailand. Forskolin is used in traditional Ayurvedic ailment treatments, due to its exquisite curative properties.

In modern times, as stated in many Forskolin reviews, it has scientifically proven to help reduce fats when used as a dietary supplement. So this can be your luckyforskolin review ticket to the body you have always dreamed of! The efficiency of the Forskolin weight loss supplement is generated by its capacity to burn fat and release fatty acids from adipose tissue thermogenesis in a process that results in weight loss.

As a bonus, Forskolin is also a well-known cure used since ancient times to treat heart problems. Moreover, it has the ability to comfort many other issues, from the mildest forms of menstrual pains, insomnia, sexual issues, respiratory or skin disorders, urinary infections to cancer treatment. This supplement uses the astounding power of nature transformed into an ancient Asian traditional medicine. Natural and healthy, this nutritional supplement raises the levels of thyroid hormones and increases the amount of testosterone. Increased levels of these hormones naturally lead to more fat burned and more muscles built without any fat.

When ingested, Forskolin reviews state that it stimulates an enzyme called Adenylate cyclase, which increases cellular concentrations of the messenger cAMP. cAMP is very versatile, interacting with numerous cells. When cAMP level rises, it lowers blood pressure, reduces eye pressure, prevents excessive thickening of the blood, increases the lung capacity, and, most important, increases the thyroid function and the lipolysis. This greater release of thyroid hormones not only leads to increased combustion, but high levels of cAMP activates a process called protein kinase, which activates lipase hormones, generating the breakdown of triglycerides, blocking adipose tissue.

Besides decomposition and burning fat, Forskolin can lead to muscle growth. A higher level of cAMP at the testicle level mimics the action of the luteinizing hormone, providing a higher production of testosterone, for a greater muscle mass. Increased testosterone contributes to muscle growth, while higher levels of cAMP in skeletal muscles lead to increased protein synthesis, so you can benefit from a dual action.

Forskolin weight loss supplements can mimic the effects of caloric restriction and physical exercise to obtain the body of your dreams! Test it today at and feel the amazing power of nature working for you to get body you’ve been dreaming of just in time for your vacation!

Don’t believe you can get your bikini body back? Watch this Forskolin review video and here from a user herself:

Get Your Devices Protected For Travel

Whether you are planning a small vacation or a backpacking trip, there are many factors to consider. Traveling can be stressful and it is important to make sure everything is organized before you get on that plane. However, it is vital to deal with the smaller things too. It is essential that you ensure all your devices are protected and ready for travel. Go to to learn the best way to protect your phone while traveling.

shatterproofMaking sure that your cell phone will work abroad is very important. However, it is almost useless if the phone is broken. To ensure that your cell phone has no accidents on its travels, it is a smart idea to invest in a tempered glass screen protector. This gives your screen a stronger protection and can resist sharp objects. Having a broken screen, especially on devices such as iPhone, can have a detrimental effect on the use of the phone. The tempered glass screen protector is also shatterproof, meaning that if something does happen, the original phone screen will not be damaged. Obtaining a tempered glass screen protector is an affordable and easy way to ensure the safety of your phone.

When traveling out of the country, it is often worth your while to purchase a new Sim card from the country you are traveling too. This will make calling other in your new destination far less expensive if not free. It will also mean that you can contact home at a much fairer price than if still on your original contract. For most travelers, saving money is of key significance and therefore it is important to be prepared.

Although obtaining a new Sim card is a great idea, if you are only traveling for a short time, it may not be worth it. Unlocking your cell phone before your trip might be the smartest way to ensure that your cell phone will still be active in a foreign country. Although using your phone in this way will cost a lot more, it is important to keep some level of contact just in case. You may not intent to use it, but simply having it could bring a level of safety to your travels.

Getting your cell phone ready for travel is not something to ignore. Having a reliable cell phone in a foreign country will make a huge impact on the overall cell phone on beachoutcome of your trip. Whether you need to call for transport, make arrangements with a fellow traveler or deal with a crisis of lost luggage, ensuring that your cell phone is in perfect travel condition is extremely important.

When traveling the last thing you want to worry about is your cell phone, so make sure all your devices are protected and ready for travel before getting on that plane.